Tuesday, June 1, 2010

El Quetzal Issue 17: 1 Imix

Trecena of 1 Imix
May 27:1Imix
May 28:2Ik'
May 29:3Akb'al
May 30:4Kan
May 31:5Chicchan
June 1:6Cimi
June 2:7Manik'
June 3:8Lamat
June 4:9Muluc
June 5:10Oc
June 6:11Chuen
June 7:12Eb
June 8:13Ben

The Trecena of Initiation

We in the West get really excited about anything "new". New technologies, new friends, new jobs, new homes, new options on the menus of our favorite restaurants. And so you'd think a new Tzolk'in round would be reason for celebration throughout the Maya world. But it's not. For the Maya, time is cyclical, and so there is no beginning or end. The trecenas simply repeat, one following the other in an unending choreography of time. But the day signs do have meaning, and that is what matters even more than beginnings or endings.

Imix is the Alligator, the initiator of new ideas and activities, a sign of radiant Eastern energy. He will rule the next thirteen days, and as his fresh essence percolates through your consciousness, don't worry too much about getting work done. In fact, the Maya themselves avoid any appreciable amount of activity, because for them, Imix is a challenging day, charged with reflecting the deep, visionary aspect of reality... not unlike, as author Ken Johnson describes it, Carl Jung's concept of the collective unconscious.

And so, take this time to plan the next phase of your personal or professional journey, flesh out your vision, dreams and goals, and prepare for the time when you will need to take that first step. Many of you have posted your intentions on our Facebook page, ranging from personal stories to travel to protecting our natural world. We welcome and encourage more posts and shared intentions during this very special trecena.

Join us on the daily journeys of each Trecena, online at Facebook and Twitter.

Mayan Elders to honor the Conscious Convergence

We're thrilled to report that three well-known Maya elders, Don Alejandro Oxlaj, Don Rigoberto Itzep and Hunbatz Men, have agreed to participate in the Conscious Convergence event, to take place July 17-18, 2010. The three elders, among the most respected and well-known representatives of the Mayan people, will perform special ceremonies in Guatemala and Mexico to celebrate the Conscious Convergence. We're currently looking into the possibility of having the ceremonies documented through video or available for live streaming.

To learn more about Conscious Convergence, please visit the Conscious Convergence event page. To volunteer, please contact Jo-beth via email at jo-beth.kiefer@commonpassion.org, and to donate funds, please go to the Conscious Convergence donation page.

MCP welcomes new blogger Elizabeth Tobin

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our newest MCP blogger, certified Resonance Repatterning practitioner Elizabeth Tobin, JD, C.R.R.P. Some of you may already be familiar with her work, but for those of you who've never heard of resonance repatterning, check out Elizabeth's web site, LizTobin.com. And be sure to visit her MCP blog page as well.

Take the MCP survey

In the last issue of El Quetzal we put out the call to our international community to help us better understand what improvements and additions to the MCP web site you'd like to see. We're close to 100 completed surveys so far (a big THANK YOU to all who've participated!), but we need to get to at least 300 to have a significant body of data. So if you have not taken the survey yet, please take just a few minutes to fill it out! The survey is online here, and should take only 10-15 minutes to complete.

Sunrise over Atitlan

Photo submitted by MCP member Uwe Wrenger

Do you have photos of the Maya lands, or beautiful images or artwork? Your work could be featured here; email us for details.

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