Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Conscious Convergence, Gulf of Mexico, more...

Good day Vibe Tribe,

Just a quick update of very relevant issues:

1. In the next few days we'll be ready to have you register your events and programs that are aligned with the Conscious Convergence. IN the coming days you can see the details and opportunities to join with others around the world developing here:


And a wonderful discussion going on here in the Discussion Forum, under "Event Discussions/Conscious Convergence":


We appreciate all the volunteers that have stepped up to help and support the Conscious Convergence. We in deed are creating a wave of unity to fulfill our greater destiny!

2. Gulf of Mexico. We are developing a series of global concordances for the Gulf of Mexico crisis and its healing. We've had some internal planning and meditating about it and will announce the first Tele-Webcast and call later this week. Meanwhile, please share your ideas on the new discussion forum for this topic in the Discussion Forum, under "Event Discussions/Gulf of Mexico Healing":


Not firm yet, but most likely we'll initiate our global support program this Saturday June 5th with a Tele-Webcast-Concordance, then follow up with a much larger global concordance/Tele-Webcast on Sunday and Monday June 20 and 21, aligned with the solstice/equinox and a gathering of indigenous healers located in the Gulf on the 21st.

More to come.

Thank you.


Joseph R. Giove
Executive Director

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