Monday, November 30, 2009

New interview with Carl Johan Calleman on You Tube

Dear Friends,
Lilou Mace has made an interview with me that has been posted on YouTube
in two segments, Maya 2012 series: Misconceptions 2012 and Understanding The Mayan Calendar:

Carl Johan

IMMEDIATE: Maya Fire-Crystal Ceremony Sunday Sunrise Nov 29, 4 Ik'

Dear Shift of the Ages Community,

Our apologies for the late notice as we are operating on Maya time, fully present with the Elders (Grandfather Cirilo, Elizabeth and Rufino) as they flow with the energies of the day. The information presented to you here was just finalized now.

The Mayan Elder Fire Ceremony for the Intention Crystals will be Sunday morning at 6:00 AM in Antigua, Guatemala (Central Standard Time), November 29 (4 Ik') near Grandfather Cirilo's home. Please join us around the world, whenever you can, with your own fire ceremony, lighting a candle or sitting in meditation with your inner flame. Please hold deep awareness of the shared intention, offered below, and the knowledge that you are sharing in heart and mind with thousands around the world these powerful intentions.

This day, 4 Ik´, carries the energies of the Spirit of the Air. Grandfather Cirilo, Grandmother Elizabeth and Rufino chose this day because the quart z crystals can hold everything, even the cosmos, in their structure. We will empower these crystals with love and unity, and the message of the Maya, which will be shared in the Shift of the Ages film. The energy of 4 will carry this message, through the Spirit of the Air, to the four directions. The power and clarity of our collective intention, with that of the crystals, will expand in all directions. We honor the Spirit of the Air, as we honor the ancestors, our elders and all those who have sacrificed so that we may be here now as ambassadors of ancient wisdom.

Please join us wherever you are, in whatever way feels appropriate to you.

This family of 300 quartz crystals will be mailed to National, Planetary and Galactic Ambassadors around the world in the month of December. Once this is done, we will immediately begin bringing together the next family (the second round) of Intention Crystals from around the world for the next global fire ceremony. Wh en the time is right, all Fire Ceremony Intention Crystals will be reunited by Ambassadors bringing them to Shift of the Ages Tuning and film release events and viewings.

Thank you for supporting the Maya and their message to the world!

The Shift of the Ages Team

Shift of the Ages | P-Qubd LLC

30159 Rim Rock Place
Canyon Lake, CA

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!


It is Fall, the time of harvest. A time for reflection of this past year; a time to give thanks for what we have reaped. Institute for Cultural Awareness would like to take this time to send blessings to all of you for your endless support. No matter how you contributed, your contributions have helped sustain a movement towards Peace, Knowledge, the Bridging of Cultures from around the World, and Balance between Humanity and Earth.

We have accomplished great and wonder-full projects this year.
It could not have happened without your help.

Yellowbird has just returned from a trip to Columbia, South America where he went to the First Gathering of Aborigianlal Cultures to build alliances between I.C.A. and aborigianial tribes in South America. And then he traveled to the Heart of the World, to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and was greeted by the Arahuaco, Kogi, and Wiwa, who live in Harmony with Nature, as they have for thousands of years. He brought back a gift of their documentary "Elderly Words, Revelations from the Heart of the World" and will be presenting this new knowledge in 2010.

The work continues... and all because you have given from your hearts.

It is with humble GRATITUDE that I.C.A. Board of Directors send the very best to each and everyone of you, your friends, and family.

Wopila Pilamaya! Thank you for your giveaway.

Board of Directors
Institute for Cultural Awareness

El Quetzal ~ Mayan Calendar Portal

Trecena of 1 Cauac
Nov 26:1Cauac
Nov 27:2Ahau
Nov 28:3Imix
Nov 29:4Ik'
Nov 30:5Ak'bal
Dec 1:6Kan
Dec 2:7Chicchan
Dec 3:8Cimi
Dec 4:9Manik'
Dec 5:10Lamat
Dec 6:11Muluc
Dec 7:12Oc
Dec 8:13Chuen
The Trecena of Rainstorms

Welcome to the third issue of El Quetzal. Today we plunge into the 7th trecena of the current Tzolk'in round, the trecena of 1 Cauac. Cauac means "Rainstorm", bringing forth the blessings of life-giving waters, of warmth and comfort, but also the potential for torrential downpours, sweeping winds, and floods that can erode entire cities, relationships or histories.

These are the vast and overwhelming forces of nature, whether human, animal or planetary, that are at once simple and complex, violent and compassionate, that meander and rush through, that deplete and nurture. Respect their power and their fragility, their strength and their softness. They are a part of you as they are a part of our planet.

The previous trecena helped steady your ship through the storms of life. This one will put you face to face with your own personal rainstorms.

If you’d like to travel the daily journeys of each Trecena with the rest of the Mayan Calendar Portal community, join us online on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Write to us, let us know whether these energies resonate with you. And on this eve of the sacred holiday of Thanksgiving, may you and your families and friends receive the blessing of good health, good food, and joy.

The Mayan Calendar Portal Marketplace set to launch early 2010

After many weeks of long nights, overused neural circuits, and lots of organic almonds and chocolate, we are delighted to confirm the imminent launch of the Mayan Calendar Portal Marketplace, which many of you have been inquiring about. The launch is being prepared for early 2010, with an initial membership application period.

The MCP Marketplace will open up a space on the Mayan Calendar Portal where businesses, non profit organizations, and individual artists and professionals can display their services and products, and the entire Mayan Calendar community can interconnect on a collaborative economic platform built upon the concepts embedded in the Sacred Mayan Calendar: sustainability, spirituality and natural abundance.

As we get closer to the launch, we’ll send more details on how to become a member of the Marketplace. In the meantime, if you’d like to receive the materials in advance, please email us, or forward this on to friends or colleagues you feel might be interested.

New Video Interviews on 2012

Several weeks ago, French-American author and video journalist Lilou Mace contacted us with a request to schedule a series of video interviews with experts from the Mayan Calendar Portal community, on the topic of the 2012 phenomenon. The first two video interviews that Lilou has conducted, have now been published online: Dr. Carl Calleman, part 1 and part 2 and Professor Robert Sitler of Stetson University.

More interviews are to come in the next newsletter, so be sure to watch your mailbox thirteen days from now!

2012 Citizen Movie Reviews now online

Last trecena, we asked those of you planning to see the 2012 movie to submit your reviews, and you responded! And with plenty of passion. The first wave of citizen movie reviews has now been published on the site: click here to read the reviews.

If you still have not seen the film, and wonder if it's even worth it to spend the $10, remember that we are planning to send all of the reviews directly to the director and SONY Pictures, so that your voices and your opinions can be heard loud and clear. If you want to send a message to Hollywood and ask them to start making movies worth watching, this is one way to do it. The more detailed and well-thought-out the reviews, the greater chance we all have in having a say in Hollywood's interpretation of 2012.

A path through Meerdaalwoud, Belgium.
Image by Heidi Gelders, visual artist from Belgium.
Do you have photos of the Maya lands, or beautiful images you would like to share? Your work could be featured here; email us for details.
Shift of the Ages Film
Connect with us on the Web...

The Movie 2012

Please feel free to spread, translate or post!

Dear Friends,
The Hollywood film 2012 premiered about a week ago and creates a
(much distorted) mainstream knowledge of the existence of the
Mayan calendar. I have written a review-blog about the film:
and the Mayan calendar portal has issued a press release about it:

Carl Johan


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* * * THE PURPOSEFUL UNIVERSE reaches #1 on AMAZON for both COSMOLOGY and MAYA Categories * * *

Title: The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life

Author: Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

ISBN-13: 9781591431046

Price: $20.00

Best Philosphical/Scientific Book of 2009

Posted November 17, 2009, 7:07 PM EST: Dr Calleman's new book is one of the best I have read in many years. It presents a solution to the greatest enigma of them all-- the Creation and the Origin of Life. Starting in the beginning with the latest data from the WMAP which suggests a Central Axis to our universe (dubbed Axis of Evil), Dr Calleman uses the fractal scaling of the Mayan calendar to trace the trajectory of the development of life and this he does with great success: The Mayan calendar does map successfully into the history of our universe in the most uncanny way. The Shamanic vision of the Mayans was able to take in the whole of reality and that vision lines up almost completely with the science of the early 21th century, the time of the Mayan End Date. Dr Calleman, who holds a doctorate in bio-physics, has all but delivered the death blow to some aspects of both the Modern Synthesis and the Standard Model. He has established Purpose and Design where cowed and intimidated scientists see only randomness. We are dealing here with no less than a new Summa to all scientific knowledge and the author is the second coming of Bergson and Theilhard de Chardin. Aside from a few typos and a few foreignisms (the author grew up in Sweden) the style is crisp, lucid, and fresh. The photographs are of poor quality but the line drawings are marvelous and enlightening. All in all "The Purposeful Universe" is a breakthrough book of astounding depth of knowledge and understanding. A copy should find its way into every high school biology classroom. This book is the best counter to certain remarks by Steven Weinberg about the Universe being "pointless" and certain writings of Dennett, Dawkins, and the rest of the propagandists for the promotion of life and consciousness as "epiphenomena". Calleman belongs to the old Chain of Being school as celebrated by Lovejoy and Arthur Koestler a few generations ago and whose principle proponent today is Ken Wilber. Calleman is the true successor to Bergson who saw Intuition as more important than the "geometric" side of the human intellect and "Purposeful Universe" is a highly Wilberian text. There are also similarities to Rupert Sheldrake. But Calleman is more impressive than either in the sense that he is more concrete-- more concrete in his knowledge of physics and biology and more focused because he is one of the world's foremost Mayan scholars. This is a formidable range of power for one man and I think this book will lead to a discontinuity in the history of the philosphy of science.

Stephen Zaddikmann

« I had a dream: Einstein refuses to play the game of dice with Darwin ». Between the simplicity of religion and the absurdity of an empty randomness, Carl Johan Calleman here proposes to us a brilliant, but plausible third way : The Tree of Life. Here we have finally a modern theory of the origin and evolution of life that unifies the most recent discoveries of science with the ancient wisdom such as the sacred geometry of the Golden Ratio or the time of the Maya. For the Maya time was like interferences and synchronicities - based on the time scales of 13 and 20 - what the Greek called Kairos or Leibniz baptised « accidents ». To me it is this dimension of time - found in the hidden order of chaos rather than in blind chance - that is detrimentally missing in the dogma that modern science has created from Darwin's vision. Without ever imposing God on us this great book brings agnostics like myself to face the evidence.

Jean-Claude Perez

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Monday, November 16, 2009

2012 Movie, URGENT help requested

Open letter.
2012 Movie, URGENT help requested
Dear Shift of the Ages Community,

Since Friday 13 2009 is the release of the 2012 disaster movie in the US and in many other countries. We respectfully ask for your help in offering an alternative view as presented in our own video message from Grandfather Cirilo, called 2012 - Apocalypse or New Sun? It is now posted on the Shift of the Ages site and on YouTube:

This is our call to all Ambassadors and supporters of the Maya to help spread the message of hope and unity to the four corners of the Earth. Please immediately watch and comment on our 2012 video clip and then share it with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on. We are in the process of creating a publicity and media campaign that will take our messages to the mainstream media.


Here is a suggestion f rom one of our Ambassadors, Summer Love:
It would be great for us [Ambassadors] to make a large "banner" that two people can hold up at the opening of "2012" movie so everyone arriving/leaving the movie theaters can be made aware of the real 2012, hence Shift of the Ages?

Those whose heart and soul are alive for 2012, I'm confident, will be more then happy to serve just one day at the theaters and, I believe, this will help Shift of the Ages TREMENDOUSLY!!!

While this may seem sorta late notice... (I just thought of it now)... "NOW" is all we have, right? So, those who are supposed to be available will be! And, if 2012 is all we think it is... the people WILL show up to help!

Perhaps the banner can say something like this:

2012 STARTS HERE: "Shift of the Ages" A movie soon
to be released with the MAYA account of "2012"
GO TO: for more info

> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is a fantastic idea, and we know you probably have more creative ways to support the authentic view of the Maya through the Shift of the Ages project. Let's get proactive!

Here is a draft of our mission statement, so you can be a part of its fulfillment:

The mission of the Shift of the Ages project is to deliver the message of the Maya though the teachings of Grandfather Cirilo and the Mayan Prophecies. We accomplish this by creating audio, video and written stories and testimonies of Grandfather and other Elders and offering these multimedia messages through private and public distribution vehicles for a global audience. The primary messages are free to the public via the Shift of the Ages web site and other outlets such as YouTube and social media sites. The core message of Shift of the Ages will be formulated into a feature leng th docu-movie called the "Shift of the Ages" and released through conventional film distribution channels in 2010. A portion of the proceeds from any film distribution, product sales and contributions shall benefit Grandfather’s and the National Council's of Elders' work, as well as fund the creation of the Maya Wisdom Keepers book and the Maya University in Guatemala. Additional legal entities, such as a Guatemalan non-profit organization may be needed to fulfill this mission.

Here is a message from Steve Copeland, the Shift of the Ages film director:

It’s official- the epic action disaster film 2012 has been released to the world. We have all most likely seen the commercials and advertisements by now. Just like a giant tsunami coming right for us, 2012 is everywhere and difficult to avoid. The film’s sensationalized trailer claims that ancient Mayan prophecy warned us of Earth’s apocalyptic end on December 21, 2012 and ad monishes that we should have listened. Through its deceptively authentic advertising ploys, the film teeters on being non-fiction, leaving people wondering what the truth about 2012 really is.

Many are quick to chastise Hollywood for releasing a movie like 2012 when the world already seems to be on the verge of some sort of a major shift. However, the advertising money 2012 has spent serves to create a dialogue and gives a forum for the real Maya to speak. Perhaps 2012 is just another action film. On the other hand, its story is reliant on sacred information that has been protected by the Maya people through hundreds of turbulent years. The film’s website opens with some sort of 3D Mayan Calendar that flashes to apocalyptic images of catastrophic proportions. To date, the Shift of the Ages team has never heard the Maya talk about the end of the world, the end of an age, yes. What’s happening now, what we are in the process of , the Maya call a Change of the Sun.

In 2006, we shot a lot of video for the Shift of the Ages project with the Maya about 2012. Our goal was to release the film in 2007 and get it out to the world. Those of you that have followed this project over the years know that the film is the product of a much larger effort that encompasses ancient prophecy, healing, unification, and action for the betterment of the planet. The work and story have continued to evolve in the process. The small team of the Shift of the Ages has been sharing important and timely video messages over the internet for 4 years. Many of these videos are no longer posted.

In acknowledgment of today’s release of 2012, we have decided to energetically counter-balance the fear incited by the aforementioned film by making available to you over the internet the Grand Elder of the Maya nation’s 2012 address. This exclusive release is, at this point, intended for our Ambassad ors; you as ambassadors are the first ones to see this. Please consider this a sacred and urgent mission to help the Shift of the Ages project disseminate the Maya’s true message about 2012 to the world–tell your friends – share it on twitter – facebook-blog-whatever it takes. Early next week, we will initiate a series of formal press releases regarding the Maya’s perspective of 2012 – but for now, we wanted to first share this pertinent information with our valued ambassadors. We have previously released two other equally vital video clips – “Creation” and “Misconceptions” which, along with “2012” can be found on YouTube and our web site. Shift of the Ages needs your help, Ambassadors, please, help us spread the word.

Thank you.

The Shift Team

Shift of the Ages | P-Qubd LLC

30159 Rim Rock Place
Canyon Lake, CA

Friday, November 6, 2009

REMINDER - Cosmic Convergence Tele-Webcast Nov 7th

REMINDER: Tele-Webcast Saturday November 7th, details below.

Another note:

A Grandmothers' Drumming Circle for sacred sites in Hawaii and other sacred sites also Saturday, November 7th. Wherever you are, let's join in with our Grandmothers to help protect and restore sacred sites in Hawaii and around the world. The drumming begins in Hawaii by the Grandmothers at 6 PM Hawaii time.


Dear Shift of the Ages Community,

Thank you for helping us with the Shift of the Ages film. As we get closer to release (early 2010, first at film festivals), your help becomes pivotal. Shift of the Ages Ambassadors are the backbone of support for the authentic message of the Maya that we will deliver to the world in 2010.


1. As we enter the Sixth Night of the Mayan Calendar's Galactic Underworld, will also initiate a Cosmic Convergence program (free tele-webcast details below) to bring the world together in heart and mind to welcome the birth of a new world. The Shift of the Ages community is invited to attend at no charge. Dr Carl Calleman will join host Joseph Giove in a fascinating discussion of the program and the challenging new energies of the Sixth Night. Joseph will then guide a cosmic meditation connecting us in heart and mind as we journey together.

2. You can view new video clips of Grandfather Cirilo, Grand Elder of the Maya, on the Shift of the Ages site: "Creation" is up now and "Misconceptions" will be up shortly. We fixed a slow playback issue so you can see the clips uninterrupted now. Our apologies to those that were troubled by the problem.

Please share about the Shift of the Ages film by telling your friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc, about our video clips and articles on the web site. Thank you!

3. Please consider becoming a Shift of the Ages Ambassador to help us spread the authentic message of the Maya through film, especially as Sony Pictures monetizes fear in their apocalyptic version of 2012 to be released in a couple weeks. The film perpetuates misconceptions and depicts the Maya as saying that the end of the world occurs at the end of their calendar, "the end of time." Part of our mission with the Shift of the Ages film is to accurately represent the living Maya and provide an accurate portrayal of the prophecies and, most important, what our Mayan elders are saying now about the times in which we are living. As we, together, succeed in our mission, we transform fear into a powerful impetus for embracing the birth of a new world; we transform fear into love, hope and a bright future for our children and grandchildren.

4. We'll be taking our first lot of the Mayan Elder Fire Ceremony Intention Crystals to Guatemala for the Mayan Elder blessing later this month. If we get enough notice from the elders, we'll announce the date of the fire ceremony and you can all join in from wherever you are with your own fire ceremony. The crystals will begin shipping to National and Planetary Ambassadors in December. Details at

5. The Mayan Calendar Portal is now re-launched. This is the most interactive portal site dedicated to the Mayan Calendar, interpretation of the day signs, in depth discussion of the calendar, blog, stories, resources and more.

6. The Mayan Majix site is also worth the visit and bookmarking. A great resources for learning about the Mayan Calendar and ancient Mayan sites, with many books, DVDs and other valuable resources.

7. Dr Carl Calleman's new book, a must read, is now available on Amazon:

"The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life"



Please note:

Conference call is free but long distance charges may apply.

At no charge you may access the program via the web link below, either live or after the call.

DATE: Saturday November 7th, 2009

TIME: 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific (San Francisco, CA), 4 PM GMT

DURATION: 90 minutes

NUMBER TO CALL: 724-444-7444

CALL ID: 36237 #, then 1#


Listen and chat from anywhere in the world or LISTEN TO THE RECORDING HERE AFTER THE CALL:

On the Web link above, if you get a "404 Error" just hit refresh or try again and it usually works.

We hope you can join us!

The Shift of the Ages Team

Shift of the Ages | P-Qubd LLC

30159 Rim Rock Place
Canyon Lake, CA

Article: November 8, 2009, The Beginning of the Sixth NIGHT

The new world of 2012 is not something that simply will drop down on us ready made from the sky. It is something that is created step by step through the various phases, so called days and nights, of the Mayan calendar that we are living through also at the current time and requires our active and conscious participation in the process as co-creators of this new world. In stark contrast to the media focus on a singular date and the end of the world that this purportedly will bring the only existing inscription about the end of the calendar from ancient Mayan times speak of the simultaneous manifestation of Nine different cosmic forces quite. The Mayan calendar is a description of the exact rhythm with which these cosmic forces are manifesting and so the study of this is critical for anyone seriously wanting to use it for understanding the cosmic plan and how the birth of a new world will take place. What humanity is now immediately facing is the beginning of the sixth night, November 8, 2009 - November 2, 2010, a time period that, as part of this cosmic plan, may be expected to be very transformative but also very demanding through its effects on the world's economic system. A night implies a "quantum jump" to a lower energy state of the universe and this one seems likely to bring a significant fall of the American dollar and an associated downturn in the economy. This is discussed in more detail in the enclosed article ( ). While this is likely to bring hardships it also creates the path to a new world where the emphasis will not be on doing, but on being, being in peace and harmony. Difficulties will however arise for us to achieve this if we try to hold on to the systems of the past and fail to flow in the direction that the cosmic plan is taking us. This raises the question as to how we may approach and relate to this time period in the most constructive way.

Carl Johan Calleman

( )

( )

Nov 05 2009 - Mayan Majix Announcement

To view this announcement on line: click here

Dear Mayan Majix Friends,

1) Today is 6 - Flint (Etznab)
Read about Today on the Mayan Tzolkin

13 day period (Trecena) =
Reed (Ben)

2) Matty's Journal has been

Madaline and Gary wanted me to mention that the Galactic Transformer as well as their newest web site Garden GladStones has been updated to include much more information of the applied science, Quantum Generator Technology! Also, for a limited time only, Free shipping for all Domestic orders as well as level two and above Pendants for International purchase!

3) The 6th Night of the Galactic Underworld begins on Nov. 8th - Carl Johan Calleman has recently published a New article titled:
The Final Mayan calendar steps to 2012: November 8, 2009 – the beginning of the Sixth NIGHT

If you can assist with translating this article please contact me:***

4) The Cosmic Convergence Tele-Conference - SAT Nov. 7, 09
- Join us to discuss the 6th Night and how to prepare spiritually for the coming changes and challenges of the 6th night and most importantly to discuss the New Earth that will come as the Mayan Calendar completes on October 28th, 2011. Joseph Giove will lead the discussion with special guest Carl Johan Calleman. The tele-conference will conclude with a group meditation. Read more on the
Cosmic Convergence tele-conference.

5) Mayan Calendar Talks - in New Mexico, Seattle, Chicago, and the UK. For specific dates please check out
INFO CENTER section of Mayan Majix.

6) Mayan Calendar Blogs - keep up with the latest opinions and insight on the Mayan Calendar by following blogs posted at the
Mayan Calendar Portal. While at the Mayan Calendar Portal please consider signing up for their newsletter which comes out every Trecena (13 day period). Read the current issue 10/31/09.

7) Mayan Calendar BOOK SALE - Our Feature book is Carl Johan Calleman's New Book
"The Purposeful Universe."
All Mayan Calendar Books
are priced at $13.99 plus shipping which is 30-50% off the suggested retail price!

8) 2010 Mayan Calendar Products - we have 2010 Mayan Daily Guides and Mayan Wall Calendars in stock
just in time for early Christmas shopping. Thanks for your support it really helps keep Mayan Majix going ;-)

2010 Mayan Daily Guide2010 Mayan Daily Guide

To Order:

A Special Thanks to our Newsletter Sponsor - THE SHIFT OF THE AGES

Read latest Newsletter
- Posted Nov. 2, 09

Be sure to check out the latest video of Mayan Grand Elder Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj
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If this announcement has been forwarded to you and you would like to sign up for our announcements the e-list sign up box is best found on our
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