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2010 - Tzol-Kin Calendar


Ian Xel Lungold (1949 - 2005) - Here it comes Baby! Here comes the Truth!

The TRUTH brought forward by the consciousness of the 3rd "Day" of the Galactic cycle is rising in intensity just like the sun rises every morning to high noon.
High Noon of this 3rd "Day" is June 12th 2003 (note*This is not the hottest part of the day.)

The top news stories of the day June 2nd 2003 are discussing how we “may” have all been lied to about the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. As this truth is coming forward the players within the lie, the CIA, Defense Dept, State Dept, White House and the Pentagon as well as the British Parliament and Prime Minister are attacking each other. This is the exact type of scenario that we have discussed and predicted on this web page just under a year ago.

More staggering truth is on the way, including a massive cover-up by the corporate owners of Hospitals, of a SARS type illness that killed at least 20 people in Sonoma CA last week.

(See articles section at this web page)

When we had said that the truth was coming during the 3rd “Day”, we understood that in the beginning much of the truth would be the exposure of how deeply and widely we are being lie to by those who supposedly inform and govern us all. But that is not all of the truth coming forward.

There have been extreme advancements in our understanding of light, matter and the role of consciousness within, space/time as well as scientifically measured traces of existence beyond this 3rd dimension. We are teleporting light, information and collections of molecules right now. We have slowed light to a crawl and then stopped it, stored it, and released it again. We are time bending electrons and changing their properties. In double blind studies, thousands of times all over the planet we have measured and qualified the direct change of energy patterns of persons separated by 1000’s of miles when one of the parties receives a stimulus. ” We are all One,” is now a scientific fact. The scientific evidence that we are still consciously connected directly with our ancestors is pouring forth and over all…. The “Veil” is getting Thin.

Everything is becoming more transparent including your relationships and personal perspectives is it not?

Not everything we can see right now, environmentally, politically, economically, socially or personally looks pretty, (like the depth of betrayal) but it sure is beautiful to be able to see it at last. When or how ever else could the lies be brought to an end?

Only in the light of the truth, by turning over the rocks to see what crawls beneath, and that is what each and every 3rd “Day” of the Mayan calendar has had to do with.

Every 3rd “Day” is the display to consciousness of its actual situation as applies to the continued survival of life on this planet.

Then during the 3rd”Night” we deal with that truth being exposed.

The 3rd “Night” starts Dec10th 2003 and runs until Dec. 4th 2004

The last 3rd “Day” was 1834 – 1854 (Anti slavery and Women’s suffrage movements)

The last 3rd “Night” was 1854 – 1873 (The US Civil War)

The 4th “Day” of each cycle is when New Foundations are laid for the new emerging consciousness to be built upon. (In this case the consciousness of ETHICS)

The last 4th “Day” was from 1873 – 1893. It was during this time that Nickoli Tesla was writing and experimenting, Henry Ford built his first car, the telephone was invented and electric lights were changing us from an agrarian dawn to dusk consciousness to one of there being more usable hours in the day. Industrialism had started its general sprawl all across America. Do these particular developments look like they are the foundations of our current civilization? It sure looks like it’s turned out that way to me.

The 4th “Night” is always the application of new procedures developed in the 4th “Day” Some ideas or procedures work, some don’t work so well but consciousness make great strides getting ready for the 5th “Day”.

The 5th “Day” is when the greatest breakthroughs of consciousness come during any of the 7 previous cycles.

Next 5th “Day”, Nov. 24th 2006 – Nov. 12th 2007

Last 5th “Day” was 1913 – 1932 (E=Mc2, Hubble, Radio invented, League of Nations)

Last 5th “Night”, 1932- 1952 (WWII)

Next 5th “Night”, Nov. 2007- Nov.

2008 This time, with Ethics as the foundation of consciousness the 5th “Night” is going to be very different from all the previous ones.

This time too we are knowledgeable of the schedule as never before. Always in the past when the immense acceleration of consciousness provided during the 5th “Day” hit physicality there was a spin out of control as much more became suddenly possible.

In that process some very bad things happened to what ever, or who ever, was in the way during the 5th “Night”.

6th “Day” Is the Renaissance in each cycle. Sure enough, the 6th “Day” of the last cycle was right when the European Renaissance happened. We will see Human spirit become able to manifest whatever “Things” that they could desire. There will be no manufacturing or harvesting, buying or selling going on at all.

Next 6th “Day” Nov. 2008 – Nov. 2009

Last 6th “Day” 1952 – 1972 (Beatniks and then Flower Children, The Beatles, orbital satellites and global communication systems)

Next 6th “Night” Nov. 2009 – Nov. 2010 Here is usually a troubled time in each of the past 7 Consciousness cycles of the Mayan calendar. It’s when some of the methods developed during the previous “Days” have been jettisoned because they were seen as not being workable toward a greater survival potential.

The last 6th “Night” was 1972 – 1992 (Viet Nam War) A war that ended the acceptability of war, if not the practice of war, through and by a consciousness shift… Current 3rd “Day” consciousness, displayed recently in World Wide protests against the Iraq War before it even began, are held up here as being the result of this consciousness shift during the 70’s, and 80’s. It did not stop the practice of war but it made the statement stronger than ever before that war is not an acceptable solution to survival any longer by consciousness. This coming 6th night we will jettisoning our dependence of local in physical space/time. Travel will be done by the shift of consideration, rather than by any physical conveyance. Time will be a chosen destination as locale is understood as a chosen location today. With other dimensions and parallel universes to explore this could be a very exciting time don’t you think? Personally, This, I Gotta see! This is what I came here for and I’ll bet you are smiling right now too huh? This makes it worthwhile holding on to your life with both hands and wringing all of the pleasure that you can out of it all the way. Don’t it? And you know what? (And you do know this) Pleasure just may be the only way through these coming changes. I personally believe that pleasure is “The Compass of Survival”.

If you are experiencing anything other than pleasure then you are experiencing some sort of resistance to your ultimate survival. Do what you feel is right and you will experience pleasure within that act, no matter how mundane. Pleasure is going to be your compass as far as what to do that is in your best interest over the next few years. So I’d break my pleasure out of its cracked case and start using it if I were you. Yes this means that changing what ever circumstances, work places, relationships, goals, ownerships and positions that are not pleasurable to you, is going to be needed in order for you to flow easily with all the coming rapid changes. But you already felt that didn’t you? You have felt these truths welling up in you for the last few years probably. You’ve maybe felt that all those “pains in the ass” were going to go away eventually, when you died. What if none of us had to ever die but could learn to live with greater possibilities than ever imagined?

That is the 7th “Day” of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle Nov 2010 – Oct. 28, 2011

Welcome to the Evolution my friends

In service,
Ian Xel Lungold

Mayan Majix Announcement - Dec 22 2009

Mayan Majix - Announcements

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December 22, 2009

Dear Mayan Majix Friends,

1) Today is 1 - Serpent (Chicchan)
- Read about Today on the Mayan Tzolkin

13 day period (Trecena) = Serpent (Chicchan)

2) Matty's Journal was updated.

Madaline and Gary wanted me to mention that now for limited time all Galactic Transformer Pendant orders are
25% off retail price! Also the Garden GladStones prices have been slashed by a whopping 30% reduction!
Just in time for the holiday shopping!

3) Ian on the 6th Night - Thanks to Kathie for bringing to my attention an article written by Ian Xel Lungold in 2003
where he gives his impressions / suggestions for the
6th Night of the Galactic Consciousness cycle. Here is the link
to the full article:

  • 6th Night:

    • Here is usually a troubled time in each of the past 7 Consciousness cycles.

    • It’s when some of the methods developed during the previous “Days” have been jettisoned because
      they were seen as not being workable toward a greater survival potential.

    • If you are experiencing anything other than pleasure then you are experiencing some sort of resistance to
      your ultimate survival.

    • Do what you feel is right and you will experience pleasure within that act, no matter how mundane.

    • Pleasure is going to be your compass as far as what to do that is in your best interest over the next
      few years.

    • So I’d break my pleasure out of its cracked case and start using it if I were you.

4) The Purposeful Universe Workshop - taught by Carl Johan Calleman, January 9th and 10th; 10 am to 6 pm
Self-Health and Awareness Center 3300 Grand Central Avenue, Vienna, WV 26105 304-295-4411, $249, $100 non-refundable reservation. Counts as 3 credits at the International Metaphysical University. For more details click here.

5) Mayan Calendar Course
- Understanding the Mayan Calendar - taught by Carl Johan Calleman
open enrollment begins January 27th 2010 at International Metaphysical University. For more details go to or call 304-295-4411.

6) Mayan Rock Art painting - by Sean Caulfield, 100% of the sale of the painting will be donated to
The Shift of the Ages Film. For all the details click here.

Mayan Rock Art Painting - by Sean Caulfield

7) Mayan Calendar Portal -
Mayan Calendar Portal is getting ready to launch its new marketplace, designed with spirituality and sustainability in mind. The MCP marketplace will open up a space where businesses, non profit organizations, and individual artists and professionals can display their services and products, and the entire Mayan Calendar community can interconnect on a collaborative economic platform built upon the concepts embedded in the Sacred Mayan Calendar: sustainability, spirituality and natural abundance.

As we get closer to the launch, we’ll send more details on how to become a member of the Marketplace. If you’d like to receive the materials in advance, please email us, or forward this on to friends or colleagues you feel might be interested.

To view the latest El Quetzal Newsletter click here

8) Mayan Daily Tzolkin
in Dutch - this new addition to Mayan Majix makes a total of 7 languages this year!
Thanks so much to all the volunteers who have helped in the translation process. It's been a lot of work and
they deserve a huge Thank You for helping to make the Tzolkin available non english speaking countries.
If you have an interest in assisting us with translating the Mayan Tzolkin to your countries language please
e-mail me.

9) Mayan Calendar BOOK SALE - Our Feature book is Carl Johan Calleman's New Book "The Purposeful Universe."
All Mayan Calendar Books are priced at $13.99 plus shipping which is 30-50% off the suggested retail price!

10) 2010 Mayan Calendar Products - we have 2010 Mayan Daily Guides and Mayan Wall Calendars in stock
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2010 Mayan Daily Guide
2009 Mayan Wall Calendar

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The Mayan Calendar Portal


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Mayan Majix

The Trecena of Wisdom

Trecena of 1 Chicchan
Dec 22:1Chicchan
Dec 23:2Cimi
Dec 24:3Manik'
Dec 25:4Lamat
Dec 26:5Muluc
Dec 27:6Oc
Dec 28:7Chuen
Dec 29:8Eb
Dec 30:9Ben
Dec 31:10Ix
Jan 1:11Men
Jan 2:12Cib
Jan 3:13Caban
The Trecena of Wisdom

Today we embark upon the journey of the 9th trecena, the Trecena of 1 Chicchan. Chicchan, the Serpent, embodies deep, instinctive wisdom and intelligence, but also profound, powerful emotion and energy that can cause great upheaval and change. We could say that could be good or bad. But we would presume too much: what for some is change that is unwelcome, for others it is heaven-sent.

We of the human species tend to place value-relevant labels on events, people and situations; and in the realm of the sacred, things are never black and white. Things simply are. There is no judgment, no value placement, no assessment. The ideal is balance and one-ness, rather than quantity and volume (as in wealth, power, fame). That is where the sacred lies, and that is the challenge of the Serpent. Be open to lifelong learning, lifelong discovery, and lifelong impact.

Remember, also, that with great power comes great responsibility. The more you know, the more you command, and thus the greater your responsibility to wear that power well and wisely. The greater your power, the more critical the need to live balanced and calm, so that those you impact may follow a steady path.

There is a lovely saying in India… wisdom is not something you acquire, it is something you become.

Happy Holidays from the MCP

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid al-Adha, Kwanzaa, whether you follow a faith, religion, cultural custom or none at all, this is a time of year for all of us to relax and nestle into the warmth and comfort of our families and loved ones, and, perhaps more importantly still, into the warmth and comfort of our own hearts and souls.

All year long, we work, we care for others, we provide and we shelter, we nurture and we give. There is a time to nurture ourselves, to give and to care, for our needs and our desires, and that time should be every day. Have your sacred time not just during the holidays, but every day.

The ancient Maya of course did not celebrate Christmas, as they had their own spirituality and their own calendar. Today, the living Maya’s holidays are a blend of Christian and Maya beliefs, keeping intact their traditional worship of and respect for the natural world. They have not lost their spiritual essence and their connection to nature, and neither should we. We are, and shall always be, one vast human family, nurtured by a beautiful blue planet turning timelessly through space.

On behalf of all of us at the Mayan Calendar Portal, we wish you and your families and loved ones a blessed holiday and the best and brightest in health, joy and peace for the New Year. Thank you for your presence, your spirit, your energy and your continued friendship and support. You are what makes the Mayan Calendar Portal a true global family.

We’ll see you again next Trecena, and in the Western calendar, next year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Institute for Cultural Awareness (ICA)


The Institute for Cultural Awareness (ICA) is a non-profit corporation providing a safe and healthy environment for cultural exchange and healing. ICA is dedicated to preserving sacred sites and indigenous traditions, bridging the gap between the elders and the children.

ICA's endeavors focus on a sustainable multicultural environment inspiring new dimensions of spiritual existence and the celebration of life.


After a brief period of introspection ICA is back online.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Some updated information regarding "The Return of the Ancestors - The Movie"...

The original plan was to include footage from the event,The Return of the Ancestors, and information about the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders and Spritual Guides of The Americas.

The Council has recently requested that a seperate documentary be created dealing with the history and workings of the the Council's organization. ICA is honoring this request and has had to make changes to the production schedule.

After nearly 150 hours of filming, ICA has been working to edit and deliver this message in the form of a DVD movie will be accompanied with additional DVDs containing key interviews and presentations from these world wisdom keepers. After spending over $15,000 on this project to date we have reached the end of our available funding for this project.

ICA is currently looking into rasing the required funds to finish this project and we will keep you advised of our progress. We apologize to those of you who have already donated to this project and promise to keep you updated.

Letter from Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj

Guatemala de la Asunción, June 22, 2009

Institute for Cultural Awareness
Cottonwood, Arizona
Attention Adam DeArmon

Dear Adam Yellow Bird, and Carmen:

In the name of the Heart of the Heavens and the Heart of the Earth greetings to you from the National Council of Elders Mayas, Xinca and Garifuna of Guatemala.

It is with great pleasure that I write to you, little late but with joy and admiration, for the great work you both did in organizing and hosting this gathering, “The Return of the Ancestors”, in Arizona, this past April 2009. By experience I know how difficult it is to organize an event of this magnitude, and you and Carmen, two young people, in a short time were able to find the necessary help and did whatever needed to be done to see this event a reality and with a positive outcome. In such a short time you were able to gather a great number of Elders from different continents and so many countries; my great respect to you both.

We appreciate the fact that we were very well care for. Having us the Elders together in one place allowed us to have that intimate contact with each other, a true exchange of feelings and ideas took place, and we had plenty of time to address each one's concerns. We the Elders were very satisfied with the outcome of the event and have nothing else to say but to congratulate you for such amazing job that you did.

Despite all the obstacles that were presented before and during the pilgrimage, such as the intended boycott to try to block the event, all I can say is that “The Spiritual Force”, when things are done in the wright way, no one can stop it, it moves like a hurricane. Let it be an experience for you, when one takes the steps in the right path, the same Creator/God guides us. No Being who follows the path of our ancestors will ever be left in the darkness of ignorance, the light will always illuminate their path, just remember the Maya Prophecy: “The children of the Sun, the children of the fire will be the survivors after the Year Cero”. The essence of our cultures is the same, we are under the same sky, we occupy the same earth and we are children of one only Creator, one God; lets then walk together, at a slow pace, waiting for the rays of the new Sun.

Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj
Consejo Nacional de Ancianos
Mayas, Xinca y Garifuna de Guatemala

Gratitude Trailer from The Return of The Ancestors Gathering

Encouraging Communication … with a Stick!

WalkTheTalk. com

Weekly tips to help you and your colleagues become more effective and respected leaders.

Encouraging Communication … with a Stick!

Looking for a way to encourage team members to more freely share their ideas and concerns? Like to discover (and learn from) viewpoints that are different from yours? Consider using a “talking stick.”

The talking stick has been used for centuries by many Native American tribes as a means for a just and impartial hearing – allowing all voices to be heard. When used in council circles, it designated who had the right to speak. When matters of great concern came before the council, the leading elder would hold the talking stick and begin. When he finished what he had to say, he would hold out the talking stick, and whoever wanted to speak after him would take it. In this manner the stick was passed from one individual to another until all who wished to speak had done so. The talking stick not only kept order but it also fostered mutual integrity. The holder of the stick was assured free speech, no reprisals, no humiliation and no interruptions. But with the stick also came responsibility. The speakers were charged with speak-ing wisely and truthfully. If they couldn’t do that, they’d be quiet or else bring dishonor to themselves.

Imagine the benefits a “talking stick “could bring to departmental and team meetings. It wouldn’t matter whether you passed a stick, a coffee mug, a ballpoint pen, a wrench, or whatever. What is important is the honoring of mutual integrity as well as the unstated assumption that everyone is seeking to under-stand a much larger perspective. So, give it a try – using these implementation tips:
  • Identify one or more focus questions to address. Encourage participants to speak freely.
  • Form an actual circle. This fosters equality and participation.
  • Introduce the “talking stick” and state the guidelines: Anyone may speak with no interruptions and no humiliation. Only the person holding the stick can talk. Each speaker must be truthful.
  • When everyone has spoken, summarize what has been said and explain what you will do with the information.

For most people, this will be an experience that seldom happens in corporate life and might very well become a critical retention tool as well as a source for innovation and competitive advantage.

Today’s lesson is from Talk Ain’t Cheap … It’s Priceless!
By Eileen McDargh

For more information on this resource and other high-impact WALK THE TALK publications, please click here to learn more.

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2012 - a Massive Hoax

2012 - Massive Hoax - Announcement
Stacy James

Dear friends

I started researching because I thought there was something to this whole 2012 calendar. In short and in fact there is almost nothing to it. I announce to you, after nearly 13 years of research into this topic (ironic number perhaps), from all sides of the supposed story, 2012 is a hoax. I tell you now that the 2012 galactic alignment, the one that supposedly occurs just once every 26,000 Mayan tun cycles, the one supposed to align the earths axis with the center of the galaxy, occurs quite frequently and is therefore a false and irresponsible claim. After much research into astronomy and after verifying the facts with numerous researchers in the fields of archaeoastronomy, modern astronomy and Mayan epigraphy, the facts are these.

The alignment with galactic center that will occur on 2012 is not so rare as we have been led to believe by so many Quack Mayanists such as Arguelles, Jenkins, and many many more. In fact it occurs every couple of years a few degrees off perfect, and once every couple of hundred years in exact position.

Also, the Mayas themselves inscribed the 2012 end date only once in all the 900 years history of the classic period (150-900 AD). That's right, the Mayas of the classic period, the very same Mayas who created the long count calendar and were prolific for making countless long-count date inscriptions amongst their 50+ classic era cities, they inscribed the 2012 end date only once.

What I am saying here, and you can verify all this for yourself by making a quick call to any academic professor in any of the fields mentioned above, and they will tell you that the period ending date of 2012, the one all these Quack Mayanists have called "the most import period ending on the Mayan calendar", and "the end of time", is in fact of little to no importance to the Mayas who created the calendar in the first place. Yes it's true. These are the facts.

The promulgated "rarity" of the astrological alignment in 2012 is in fact a complicated exaggeration based on utterly common astronomical facts. Therefore 2012 as it is being promoted around the world is a hoax created by clever individuals to create a mass hysteria upon which they have imposed their own personal and cynical pseudo-spiritual agendas. The prime suspect in this hoax is of course Jose Arguelles.

I make public to you these facts regarding 2012 to hopefully absolve you of any real anxiety you might have regarding this hoax. It is likely, if you do have some anxiety, it is because you have been taken advantage of due to your innocence and ignorance in the matter. What is being done here is no different than what has been done for centuries by selfish and conceited liars the world over, chief among these the various churches of the old and new world.

All the arguments you may hear to the contrary are well crafted exaggerations or bald faced lies meant to capitalize on humanities propensity for hysterical and fascination surrounding end time scenarios. All this current mania and popular culture surrounding 2012 is proof as to why the Bible, and other such documents, have been so effective and for so long in duping the masses into believing these incredible lies.

All movements of eschatological theory, such as Y2K and 2012, as well as Armageddon and all forms of Apocalypse, are based on and contain reckless ideas fashioned only to cause pandemonium and existential dread in human beings who are by their nature of self-reflection, and due to the universal affliction of misery in all its myriad forms, are deeply susceptible to any and all theories revolving around the cause and mystery of life, its meaning, and a hope for death.

I wish you all a happier and humbler Christmas than you have ever known, with the fullest knowledge we will all still be here in the decades and centuries following 2012 (barring the natural or misfortunate deaths we all come to suffer), and therefore there will be no quick fixes or dramatic supernatural escapes from the misery we all face, and the devastation we create in reacting to this existential dread. And therefore we will have to take hold of the expectation of responsibility for our actions as individuals and a species on this planet without hope of invisible support or supernatural indemnification.

That is all for now. I am still writing my novel. It will be filled with the fantasy and fiction about the Mayas we have all come to love. When it come I hope you will enjoy it as the fiction that it is and nothing more.

In order of appearance:


Stacy James

1-5 Jan - Indigenous Mexican Seminar - Sunshine House

1-5 Jan - Indigenous Mexican Seminar - Sunshine House

1st - 5th January 2010
"A Journey Within"
Practices from indigenous people of Mexico
Sunshine House / / 22210 55109 / 6972 710516

Quick Links
Contact us..
beach pic
Course costs only 350 euros including organic meals and accomodation.
Places limited.
Deposit required.
Email Dorothea
from 'Psicologia Creativa Greece' at or call 22290 67202, 6934637946

1st-5th Jan 2010
Arrival: 2pm, 1st Jan
Depart: 2pm 5th Jan

We invite you to join us in initiating the year 2010 at Sunshine Ηouse, with various traditional practices of the indigenous people of Central America.
A time to reflect on our inner world under the guidance and experience of two invited teachers Rafael Aluni Montes and Eugenia Bear Sanz of Central Mexico.

Course content....
Every course offered by Rafael and Eugenia takes on its own life and form based on the energy and needs of the group. The course is known as 'Psicologia Creativa' but a basic outline of what may be included is as follows...
* Exercises on self awareness & consciousness
* Exercises to strengthen the physical body
* Inner silence
* Dreamwork
* Traditional steam bath (Temazcal)
* Power walks
* Fire ceremonies

The Teachers...
Rafael Aluni Montes, MA, is a clinical and educational psychologist, with special interest in Transpersonal Psychology. He has spent many years studying Eastern and Western philosophical & psychological systems and is especially involved in the psychological techniques and practices of the indigenous people of Mexico and with various keepers of sacred, ancient wisdom. He teaches seminars in Mexico, Europe and United States and is a professor of psychology at the University of Puebla (UDLA) in Mexico. He also teaches Yoga, Chi Kung, meditation and is a painter and poet.
Eugenia Bear Sanz, MΑ, clinical psychologist, is a lecturer at the University of East Mexico. She has been working with indigenous people in Mexico and Nicaragua for many years. She has written many books on psychology and she is also a painter.

house smallSunshine House
Sunshine House is a non-profit organisation, situated on the Greek island of Evia. It is a traditional, old country home and grounds used as a place for study, relaxation and rejuvenation where we fuse the philosophies, diet and healing arts of the East and the West. A place which aims to promote simple, eco-friendly living and community spirit. Yoga, Thai Massage, Qi Gong, Nutrition, Fasting, Meditation, Chanting, Organic gardening and cooking are some of the tools we use on our courses to reconnect with nature, with each other and with the Divine.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crystal Update & Free Spa for Soul Day Tele-Webcast Dec. 12

Dear friends,

As you may or may not be aware, a traditional Mayan fire ceremony blessed the first round of Ambassador Intention Crystals. It was a momentous fire ceremony at sunrise in Guatemala on the Maya Day of 4 Ik', (November 29th 2009.) It was heartwarming for "Wandering Wolf" to know that many people around the world joined in this sacred fire. The first round of 300 Sacred Quartz Intention Crystals were blessed with the universal message of the Maya; in power and unity they will now travel to the four corners of our world to begin their work. We thank you all for your support with this initiative!

We will begin shipping the first round of Intention Crystals to National, Planetary and Galactic Ambassadors this month. Please note that you may not receive them by Christmas. If you'd like to receive the Sacred Crystal gift, you can upgrade your level of support from Community Ambassador by going to the following link:

We are also working on our first Shift of the Ages newsletter, which you should receive this month. In this newsletter we'll be announcing the release of another timely "Wandering Wolf" video message.

Thanks to the help of Shift of the Ages ambassadors, Wandering Wolf's latest message: "2012: Apocalypse or New Sun?" is spreading around the world fast, educating and dispelling fear about 2012. A total of three viral messages are now posted on the Shift of the Ages YouTube channel. If you haven't already, watch "Creation," "Misconceptions," and "2012 Apocalypse or New Sun" by visiting our new YouTube channel ( Please forward these videos to anyone you feel could benefit from them.

Shift of the Ages Executiv e Producer, Joseph Giove, is also the founder and Executive Director of Common Passion, which organizes global meditation and prayer events. Common Passion is offering a free "Spa for the Soul" day this coming December 12th, details below. You are invited to attend at no charge as Shift of the Ages Ambassadors. This program is designed to help everyone navigate the sometimes challenging energies of the shift. We hope you can join in.

Happy Holidays!
The Shift of the Ages Team

Please see the Spa for the Soul Announcement below.


Dear Vibe Tribe,

You are cordially invited to attend the Common Passion Spa for the Soul Global Tele-Webcast this coming Saturday December 12th, 2009. Here is our line up of practitioners, more details below:

Being Nimble in Hyper-Time by Joseph R Giove
Sacred Fire-Hunab Ku Sound and Light Healing by Da Vid.
Repatterning for Mastering the Art of Giving by Elizabeth Tobin
Sound Healing Circle for Attuning to Joy by Barry Goldstein

This Spa for the Soul program features 4 one-hour group healing sessions by amazing healers and practitioners. Attendance is offered free of charge, although donations to CommonPassion are greatly appreciated. All are welcome, so please tell your friends and colleagues.

The schedule and timing for each Spa session is below. Here is the Tele-Webcast access info:

Please note: < /b>
The Tele-Webcast is free but long distance charges may apply. However, at no charge you may access the program via the internet at web link below, either live or after the call.

DATE: Saturday December 12th, 2009

TIME: Programs start at 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific (San Francisco, CA), 4 PM GMT

DURATION: Each session is 60 minutes. See below for session details and timing.

NUMBER TO CALL: 724-444-7444

CALL ID: 36237 #, then 1#

Listen and chat from anywhere in the world or LISTEN TO THE RECORDING HERE AFTER THE CALL:

On the Web link above, if you get a "404 Error" just hit refresh or try again and it usually works.


All times are given as Eastern Standard Time (EST, New York). Please use to find your local time.

11:00 AM:
Being Nimble in Hyper-Time
, facilitated by Joseph R Giove

Most of us are experiencing an acceleration of time. What does this really this mean when the seconds just keep ticking by at the same rate, while everything else keeps going faster? Our relationship to time significantly affects every area of our lives, most especially in the era nebulously called the End Times. In this group time-healing session, Joseph will guide an open discussion and exploration about time's acceleration and guide a powerful experiential process to begin/continue our wholesome balancing act on the accelerating "Timewave" we're surfing now.

About the Practitioner: Joseph R Giove
Joseph is founder and executive dire ctor of Common Passion. He is also a technologist, biomedical engineer and clinical hypnotist whose passion is the practical application of consciousness research at both individual and collective levels. He has a thriving mind-body wellness clinic in the San Francisco area and works with clients all over the world. Joseph also guides sacred journey in the Americas with indigenous elders, as well as exciting journeys through the colorful landscapes of the human imagination. Joseph has created and orchestrated hundreds of global meditations through CommonPassion and, which he founded in 1998. Joseph's therapeutic work can be viewed at

12:00 PM:
Sacred Fire-Hunab Ku Sound and Light Healing
, facilitated by Da Vid, MD

In this session we will be exploring the profound effect music and sacred geometric images have to align us with the inner self and all that is. Particiapnts, collectively and simultaneously, will watch a 9 minute Sacred Fire video on YouTube that Da Vid produced here.

Da Vid will also play a five-minute segment of the Hunab Ku, Cosmic Tranmsissions for the Galactic Center sacred initiation music. He will end the session with a 5 minute inner/outer peace sound healing with the symphonic gong, which holds all the harmonics and overtones of the Sacred Om.

About the Practitioner: Da Vid, M.D.
Da Vid is an artist, founder of the Light Party, director of the San Francisco Medical Research Foundation and creator of Artainment Programs designed to inspire, delight heal and enlighten. You can learn more about Da Vid, and view over 200 amazing sacred light and sound titles at

2:00 PM:
Repatterning for Mastering the Art of Giving
, facilitated by Elizabeth Tobin, JD

Did you know that studies show that giving to others is good for your health? But giving is a complex art, and how you give is just as important as what you give. The balanced way of giving is to give only what you have, and to respect the strength and dignity of your recipients. This may seem obvious but how many times have you given of yourself when you felt depleted, given out of a sense of duty and obligation, or felt compelled to help even though it was not your place? Trouble saying no, feeling drained by others' emotions or negativity, or needing to "fix" your loved ones' problems are all signs that you could use some support in mastering the art of giving.

Join this repatterning and move into resonance with balanced giving. Align with true generosity that comes from your heart and gives power, dignity and stre ngth to yourself and to others!

About the Practitioner: Elizabeth Tobin, JD
Elizabeth is an internationally respected Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner. She is a pioneer in using the breakthrough process of proxy groups to facilitate individual and collective healing. Some healing can only happen in groups. Through the principle of sympathetic resonance proxy groups attract people with similar issues. Participants share ancestral or karmic connections and come together to shift long-standing patterns that they may not otherwise have an opportunity to address. For more information about how Resonance Repatterning and proxy groups can help you, visit Elizabeth's website at or email her

3:00 PM:
Sound Healing Circle for Attuning to Joy
, facilitated by Barry Goldstein

Relax and Rejuvenate in this experiential sound healing circle wit h Grammy Award Winning Producer and Sound Healer Barry Goldstein. Identify and release energetic blocks you are holding and attune to the frequency of Joy using sacred sound. Program based on group energy connecting us to being in "The Moment."

About the Practitioner: Barry Goldstein
Grammy Awarding Winning Producer Barry Goldstein's music has touched the audiences of New York Times Best Selling Authors Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, James Van Praagh, Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith,, Dannion Brinkley and Bruce Lipton. He won the Grammy for his work with Les Paul on the song "69 Freedom Special".
His other credits include composing and producing music for Warner Brothers, ABC, Fox, NBC and Lifetime Networks and has worked with Major Record Labels.

Barry believes strongly in the healing aspects of music and is a translator of Sacred Sound and Inspirational Song.. His healing with music series Ambiology is being used globally as well as individually in hospitals, hospices, and wellness centers, and individual practices. Barry also facilitates stress-reduction seminars in Fortune 500 companies and institutions to assist in creating more focus, clarity, and relaxation in the workplace. Visit him at

We hope you can join us!

All my best,
Joseph R. Giove
Executive Director

Shift of the Ages | P-Qubd LLC

30159 Rim Rock Place
Canyon Lake, CA

El Quetzal Issue 4: 1 Eb

Trecena of 1 Eb
Dec 9:1Eb
Dec 10:2Ben
Dec 11:3Ix
Dec 12:4Men
Dec 13:5Cib
Dec 14:6Caban
Dec 15:7Etznab
Dec 16:8Cauac
Dec 17:9Ahau
Dec 18:10Imix
Dec 19:11Ik'
Dec 20:12Akb'al
Dec 21:13Kan
The Trecena of Pathways

Welcome to the fourth issue of El Quetzal. Today we begin our journey on the path of the 8th trecena, the Trecena of 1 Eb. Eb means "Path" or “Road,” but its essence is not so much about traveling on a path as about becoming the path yourself. How so? By channeling who you are and what you know, what you inspire and what you receive, through your heart and soul, through your being and your mind, through your actions towards others.

We are all wondrously individual, unique and vibrant living beings, and so we will all experience the energies coursing through this Trecena in very personal ways. This is the vast ocean of consciousness we are all part of. This is where our true life essence pulsates.

There is no template, no formula to how to enter or experience any of the trecenas of the sacred Tzolk'in. No roadmap, no directions, no Google Maps. We each hold within our inner being the most natural path to ourselves; but we do need to quiet our minds so that we may hear the songs our higher souls are singing to us.

Join us on the daily journeys of each Trecena, online at Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Write to us or send in your Mayan Calendar Story, let us know how these sacred energies resonate with you.

Latest 2012 Video Interview

We are pleased to announce the latest video interview produced by French-American author and journalist Lilou Mace: she talks to Birgitte Rasine, producer of the Mayan Calendar Portal and Chief Evolution Officer of LUCITÀ, about the 2012 phenomenon, green business, the Maya and how these elements all relate to one another.

If you missed the first two interviews, with Dr. Carl Calleman and Dr. Robert Sitler, all of the videos have been posted online on the MCP Video Gallery page.

What does Copenhagen have in common with the Maya?

The city of Copenhagen, Denmark, could not be further away from the Yucatán, Guatemala, Honduras, or other ancient Maya lands. And yet, in a poignant reminder of the cyclical nature of time and our human history, it does now harbor critical importance for us as a global civilization.

The great civilization of the Maya was at least partially impacted by climate-related changes and by the Maya people’s own unsustainable agricultural practices and use of natural resources. If their region of the world was affected so severely by shifts in natural patterns combined with their impact on their environment, what does that portend for us given the changes our climate is experiencing on a global scale today?

The 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) is now taking place in Copenhagen; the conference runs from December 7 through 18. For those of us not able to be present in person, we can be there in spirit and send to the leaders and participants wisdom, love and inner peace as they negotiate a new international climate change agreement that will replace the Kyoto Protocol and guide us toward a cleaner, healthier relationship with our planet and our own society.

No matter your race, ethnicity, culture, faith, or the number of decimal points in your bank account, our planet’s natural climatic cycles affect all of us. Those who still live disconnected from nature, are living disconnected from themselves—and those are the people who still deny the stark reality of changing natural cycles. Curiously, it’s never those who are directly impacted by the ravages of climate change…

Eastern medicine espouses the practice of healing and health as prevention of disease, rather than reactive treatment of symptoms once they happen. Our planet needs us to start listening to her, today. If she gets sick, no amount of medicine will be able to help.

This great big blue beautiful planet, hurtling infinitely through space, circling around the Sun, is our home, our heart, our mother and our mother ship. Let’s accord her the love and respect she has been nourishing us with, unconditionally, since the dawn of our civilization.

The changing of the gods
Artwork by Rich Pulito

Do you have photos of the Maya lands, or beautiful images or artwork you would like to share? Your work could be featured here; email us for details.

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